POOL TAMERS - Professional Pool Service/ Repair
Q. What does your weekly pool service consist of?
A. POOL TAMERS will arrive at your home on your regularly scheduled day. We start by brushing the tile line, skimming the surface of your pool, vacuuming the pool, brushing the walls, cleaning all baskets, and adjusting your water chemistry as needed.
Q. What happens if my service day has bad weather?
A. POOL TAMERS will service your pool on the next avail day
Q. Do you perform repairs that my pool may need?
A.POOL TAMERS performs all repairs of pool equipment
Q. Can I drain my pool for the winter?
A. No! A pool must be kept full for 2 reasons. First, the water provides enough weight to prevent hydrostatic pressure from damaging your pool should ground water get high, due to rain. Secondly, your plaster needs to stay wet to maintain its integrity.
Q. Why has the pressure on my filter gone up?
A. The most common reason for pressure to rise is a dirty pool filter. Depending on your type of filter, a backwash or cleaning may be needed. POOL TAMERS can perform any of the above for you.
Q. Why has the pressure on my filter gone down?
A. Common problems that will cause low pressure will include dirty baskets, low water, and plugged line or impeller. POOL TAMERS is committed to giving you a correct diagnosis for any pool problems.
Q. Does POOL TAMERS install/service salt chlorine generators?
A. Yes! All makes and brands
Q. Will my pool water taste "salty" if I convert to a salt water pool?
A. No! The average salt water pool has around 3000 PPM of salt, compaired to seawater having approx 35,000PPM of salt. Less than 1/10th the salt as seawater.
Q. Do you perform your service in my area?
A.POOL TAMERS serves San Antonio, and surrounding areas. Please call for service.
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